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Step into Granville, Ohio, where the charm of New England architecture meets the easygoing spirit of the Midwest. In this quaint village, the pace slows, neighbors know each other, and the sense of community is as tangible as the historical buildings lining the streets. Granville's blend of academic influence from Denison University, the scenic landscapes, and a vibrant downtown area create a living experience that's rich in culture and comfort. If Granville's unique tapestry of tradition and friendliness speaks to you, give us a call at 614.402.0338 – your story here awaits.

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Getting Around

Major Roads: OH-16, OH-37
Travel & Commute: To Columbus: 40 minutes by car.
Parks & Rec: Bryn Du Mansion, Granville Golfland, and Raccoon Valley Park


Population: 5,700 (2023)
Local Schools: Granville Exempted Village School District

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Recreational Spaces & Natural Beauty

From the rolling hills to the serene Raccoon Valley Park, Granville offers lush landscapes for recreation and relaxation. The village's commitment to green spaces is evident in its extensive network of trails, perfect for hiking, biking, and nature walks, ensuring that outdoor adventures are always within reach.


Community Gatherings & Seasonal Festivities

Granville's community spirit shines through its many events, like the Fourth of July parade and the Granville Turkey Trot. These celebrations bring together residents and visitors alike, fostering a strong sense of togetherness and pride in the village's unique traditions and local crafts.

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Culinary Delights & Local Cuisine

Granville boasts a vibrant food scene that ranges from quaint bistros to fine dining establishments. The Granville Farmers Market stands as a hub of local produce and artisanal eats, reflecting the town's passion for quality ingredients and inventive dishes that cater to a variety of palates.

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Artistic Flair & Creative Scene

The local arts are celebrated in Granville, with galleries, studios, and live theater providing a stage for creative expression. The annual Granville Art and Wine Festival highlights the town's artistic talents, alongside workshops and exhibitions that inspire both the young and the young at heart.

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Are you eager to explore the beauty of Granville, Ohio? The Shaffer Team is excited to guide you to your perfect residence in this close-knit community. With its picturesque village atmosphere, renowned educational institutions, and community-centered living, Granville is a treasure waiting to be your next home, Granville is a special place to call home.