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Experience the peaceful, easygoing way of life in Groveport, Ohio. Located just minutes from Columbus, this charming village retains its historic small-town appeal while providing access to big city opportunities. Groveport's streets are lined with beautiful old homes and buildings that tell the story of this canal town's past. Neighbors still exchange friendly hellos at the post office and local eateries. At the heart of the village lies a quaint downtown hosting community events and showcasing local businesses. Yet Groveport also offers top-rated schools, modern amenities, and quick transportation routes to urban centers like downtown Columbus. Here, tranquility meets convenience - the best of both worlds. Contact us at 614-555-1234 to find your perfect home in Groveport.

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Getting Around

Major Roads: I-270, US-33
Travel & Commute: To Columbus: 15 minutes by car
Parks & Rec: Groveport Park, Cruiser Park, and Heritage Park


Population: 5,723 (2023)
Local Schools: Groveport Madison School District

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Community Spotlight


Exemplary Education

Groveport is home to the Groveport Madison Local School District, where excellence in education is not just a goal, but a reality. With a range of programs tailored to foster academic success, from early childhood education to advanced placement courses, the district prepares students for bright futures. The Cruiser Academy offers an innovative approach to learning, integrating technology and personalized instruction to meet the diverse needs of its students.


Heritage Park and Groveport Nature Preserve

At the heart of Groveport's outdoor life is Heritage Park, a scenic retreat with expansive greenery and walking paths that allow for peaceful strolls and family outings. Adjacent to it, the Groveport Nature Preserve offers a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for nature enthusiasts. Together, they provide a picturesque landscape for relaxation and recreation, embodying the town's dedication to environmental preservation and community spaces.


Groveport Recreation Center

The Groveport Recreation Center serves as a cornerstone of the community's active lifestyle. Offering a comprehensive suite of amenities, including an expansive fitness center, indoor track, and aquatic facilities, it caters to all ages and interests. The center is a vibrant gathering place where health, wellness, and community meet, making it a vital part of Groveport's appeal.

Local Community Center

Annual Apple Butter Day Festival

The Annual Apple Butter Day Festival is a cherished highlight of the year in Groveport, drawing families and friends together to celebrate the town's heritage. This festive occasion features the traditional craft of apple butter making, alongside engaging activities, music, and local crafts. It's a day that encapsulates the warmth and communal spirit of Groveport, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.

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